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Get ideas with a tour of some of our favorite projects, like a finger-sized product displayed with giant impact, a “packed” stand that invites visitors using simple navigation, and an award-winning stand that speaks its company’s brand by
subtly reinforcing the curved lines of its logo.
Recent Shows
Shows from the last 6 months.
Skytron, Arab Health, Dubai, 2011
Skytron showed the full capabilities of its LED focusable surgical lighting with complete equipment mobility thanks to a combination of creative engineering and reliable onsite construction.
Sklar, Arab Health, Dubai, 2011
The products of Sklar enjoy great placement through the use of lightboxes and clever design. The stand mirrors its sponsor’s brand—simple, fresh and effective.
DJO, Arab Health, Dubai, 2011
Even with many products, DJO’s stand is impactful and easy to navigate—not cluttered or busy-- thanks to creative design that included a neutral palette and intuitive placements.
Nonin, Arab Health, Dubai, 2011
A finger-sized product can be a challenge to showcase, but smart color, signage and layout make a big visual impact for Nonin.
Rix, Paris Air Show, Paris, 2011
The curved lines of Rix are repeated throughout its stand, which won first place in the U.S. Pavilion at the Paris Air Show in its category.
The Marvin Group, Paris Air Show, Paris, 2011
Light boxes and oversized pedestals made the ideal backdrop on which to display Marvin’s custom equipment in its award-winning stand in Paris.